Response to Intervention Software: A Tool for Empowerment

In the very important sphere of education, the concept of response to intervention (which is commonly referred to as RTI or Rtl) has been gaining ground as a powerful tool for empowering students who have difficulty learning. Response to Intervention is a method of academic intervention which is quite commonly used in the United States with the sole intention of providing early assistance to those children who find it difficult to cope with learning.

The inclusion of Response to Intervention Software has been a great boon for those students that have a difficult time coping with the curriculum of the school or educational program they are a part of. Response to Intervention Software which has been introduced for the benefit of these special need students has had proven success records in most schools. This carefully selected software has had a major impact on students that are apart of special education programs, that are suffering with dyslexia and those that belong to dual education programs in addition to other students with disabilities that are unable to maintain a good yearly academic performance.

Some of the most successful Response to Intervention Software implemented in schools includes the following:

The MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) – This software is touted as the next generation of My Reading Coach. This particular program has helped hundreds of students with disabilities to read fluently. At the core of My Reading Coach lies the phonics instruction. This software also includes other tools like vocabulary, phonemic awareness, grammar and fluency. My Reading Coach has helped tremendously in providing instruction to struggling readers, helping them reach a high degree of reading fluency.

When educators resort to this sort of technological learning, they can be assured that the RTI software learning programs will equip them with the necessary resources to effectively track each student’s achievement and progress over a period of time (or also in a day) and then effectively report the results at every important and crucial step of the way. These revolutionary software learning programs help in the instructional process as well as helping in making informed decisions.

For younger children with disabilities, there is special dedicated Response to Intervention Software which is known as PBS Kids Play. This award-winning computer program uses interactive and fun content to attract and engage students in cross-curricular learning. One of the main benefits of this program is that it efficiently adapts the level of challenge that each student is capable of based solely on learning progress. Therefore, this program adds no extra pressure on young minds even as they cope with their learning capabilities. One of the other great advantages of this program is that it allows educators to monitor the progress that each student with a disability is making in addition to viewing class-level progress.

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